Local Movie Are Far Behind Than Foreign Movie

LOCAL MOVIES ARE WAY FAR BEHIND THAN FOREIGN MOVIES we can see in our entertainment industry that art pieces from other countries are much According to local movies are way far behind than foreign In brief to this movies that are made by Malaysian or produced by Malaysian is not quality enough to level with foreign movies and these movies are also less preferable compare to foreign Movies from Hollywood and Bollywood are the highest preferable among our There are two main factors that affect our entertainment market which are producers and Most of the movies producers in our country are business but not the film logic says you need to supply the market with the demand in order to be To ensure that their movies are acceptable and people watch their producers tend to choose the same Beside they also hire the top film stars to act in their The fans will for sure spend their money to watch their favorite actors and actress even though the genre of the movie is same as the previous movie films produced by Malaysian are Producers also tend to plagiarize masterpieces from other countries to make their art pieces look good in

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