Long Term Player Development stage Train to Play

Long Term Player Development stage Train to PlayDevelop an age appropriate 30 minute practice plan for a youth in the Long Term Player Development stage Train to Play. (11-14 years old for boys and 10-13 for girls). Include a description of the key_pgints of the characteristics of the children and the types of skills they shoulfldlbe developing in this stage. The topic can be anything to do with skill development for short game shots, 1 putting, chipping, pitch shots, or bunker shots. Assignment #2 Value = 15% of grade. Presentations June 5 and June 6 (if needed) Part 1. Develop a practice plan for one drill involving the development of an aspect of the technique for a full golf swing with a wood, iron or hybrid. The plan l: . ::~w?}. IS to be handed In to the instructor after the lesson. Part 2. In the role of an instructor, lead students through the drill. Maximum time = 10 minutes. you :

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