Looking into the mirror, the image that reflecte

Looking into the mirror, the image that reflected back was one of perfection. Every stand of brown hair was in order, curled just right. There was just the right amount of the scent Curve for Women coming off her body. Not too overwhelming or too little, but just enough. All of this was good, but the thing that she was the proudest of was her outfit. The colors of the shirt, tee shirt, and jeans blended perfectly. The white sleeveless mid-drift tee shirt fitted just right. The tee shirt hugged her, but was not too tight. The tan sheer bra could not be seen through the thin white tee shirt. A cranberry three quarter length sleeve button down shirt from the Gap was over the white tee shirt. Even though the shirt was borrowed from her roommate, the shirt was not too big or small, but fitted as though it was made for her. The sky blue super flare l.e.i. jeans were made for her body. The jeans hugged her butt and waist and flared out around her shoes. The panties that were picked out were low enough so that they did not show at the waist, and they did not cause lines that would be seen across her butt. Last but not least, the shoes. The black open toe open heel thick sole Payless mules completed the outfit. Hard work was used in putting together this outfit. There are a lot of things to consider when choosing an outfit to wear to go out on the town. Clothes for different occasions, dressy, not as dressy, dressy casual, and casual, are in a closet. One has to figure out what type of outfit is suitable for where you are going that night. Should you wear a skirt or jeans? Considering that she was going to a Kappa Alpha Psi party, the first practice of the season for the basketball team, and over a male friends apartment, she chose to wear a dressy casual outfit. A dressy casual outfit is basically jeans with a nice shirt and no tennis shoes. Weather is a factor is choosing an outfit to wear out. There are two temp…

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