Lust and love It is ironic how love and

Lust and love It is ironic how love and lust are so much related to each other yet very much different. Well for one thing they dont have the same purpose. A person in lust may greedily hunger for sensual or sexual pleasure while a person in love sees beyond physical and simply take it as the part of the package that makes the person special. Certainly, love sound so much more decent and conservative, but doesnt love sometimes start with lust? You get drawn to the persons physical attributes in which you start checking out what lovely eyes, ass, legs she has or maybe you get tantalized by his husky bedroom voice that could raise gooseflesh out of you anyday, anytime and talk you into anything. The feel of his skin, the caress of his smile, the way his voice cuddles like a baby asking for a hug, this makes him absolutely irresistable. This catches you, you simply cannot go through an hour without remembering last nights conversation and how fine he looked as he stared deeply into your eyes. You start yearning for regular get together, nightly chats even if sometimes chatting does not mean a conversation but simply holding the telephone and hearing him breathe. Then one day youre suddenly hooked. You realize that you just cannot do without him like a caffeine addict cannot do without coffee. Then you get to know him better. As you do so, you slowly see pass through what first attracted him to you. As your conversation deepens you realize that your heated discussion on philosophy and shared interest on the same kind of activity like, lets say, rock climbing, proves to be as stimulating and spine-tingling as your usual smooth talking tte–tte. You find this so interestingly sexy, until little by little you start fallingin love. What exactly is my point? The point is it is sometimes hard to distinguish love from lust. Lust might end up with love the same way that love might turn out to be l…

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