major civil rights actors

major civil rights actorsExam IIsign in and review electronic lectures and e-readings site from there also if you can at least 1 per question and from the book also. It will be easier if you can go on to the site and view what you need versus me uploading all attachments. In order to pass to must use evidence from the assigned textbook chapters, electronic readings, and lectures; cite using CMS (thus you need to attach a ?Bibliography? page); and, respond fully and completely to three questions in at least 9 double-spaced pages (3 pages per response). Do NOT use unassigned sources. Do NOT use Wikipedia or any other pretend knowledge site. This is not a research paper. Rather this is a test to see how closely and carefully you listened to the lectures and read the textbook and electronic readings.Select one (1) from each letter group:A. 1. Examine and explain three major civil rights actors and/or events beginning with the appearance of Jackie Robinson and ending with the demise of the Equal Rights Amendment. 2. Examine US foreign policy during the Cold War. Select any region (Latin America, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa) and examine major actors and events. 3. During the Cold War, the US government supported right wing dictators who slaughtered tens of thousands of their own people in support of democracy. Examine how this Cold War policy negatively impacted the US following the end of the Cold War.B. 4. Examine domestic legislation of any three (3) presidential administrations and demonstrate how those three examples personally affect you today. 5. How did the Cold War affect popular culture? 6. Ronald Reagan supported amnesty in the 1980s and the result was over ten million illegal aliens residing in the US. The current attempt at fixing illegal immigration contains the same amnesty clause. How will granting amnesty to over 11 million people who broke our laws fix the illegal immigration problem?C. 7. Did the US become more conservative since World War II? Defend your response. 8. The Cold War never really ended. Rather, the enemies shifted from Communism to Radical Islam and the battle front from Europe to the Middle East. Argue for or against this assertion. 9. In 2000, then GOP nominee Governor Bush said that the US should not be in the business of nation building but after he won the election he launched an eight year period of nation building in Afghanistan. Why did he reverse his position on nation building and was the US efforts in Afghanistan successful?Optional Exam.In 2013, the patriarch of the Duck Dynasty family claimed that the Blacks were not mistreated during the Jim Crow era; that the Blacks were singing and happy during Jim Crow and that the Blacks were not mistreated during Jim Crow. He further claimed that the civil rights movements and civil rights legislation has turned the Blacks into angry, welfare recipients. Draft an essay supporting or challenging these assertions. Word limit: 1500 words (Note: tables and charts are not included in the word count.):

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