Major Perspectives in Industrial Relations

INTRODUCTION This essay focuses on the three dominant perspectives in industrial These perspectives are unitary pluralist perspective and Marxist perspective as Dzimbiri The essay discusses each perspective in detail and further analyzes the one which provide an explanation of the employment relations in the modern work Having done that the essay finally gives a It has to be mentioned that in the the essay starts by defining the term DEFINITIONS According to Kochan in Dzimbiri Industrial Relations is defined as aspects of people at work as individuals and organized or the behavior of employer and union organization together with public policy or legal framework governing employment On the other Clegg in Blyton andTurbull defines industrial relations as study of rules governing together with the ways in which the rules are made and interpreted and The two definitions imply that industrial relations involve regulation of the employment relationship between employers and In both the employment relationship is based on the procedures and practices which the concerned parties have to adhere industrial relations can be defined as the study of relationships between employers and employees that is governed by a set of procedures and practices for the benefit of either UNITARY PERSPECTIVE

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