Making the Gospel Live The ideas of Chr

Making the Gospel Live The ideas of Christianity before the time of John Wesley were definitely present, but not very defined or acknowledged. The Christian faith was very unstable and many common people were not sure of what to believe when it came to religion and faith. John Wesley was minister of the Church of England. Christian Faith was a great power that entered the hearts of men and women, which transformed their lives, when people were willing to accept the transformation to Christianity. John Wesley felt the power of the Christian Faith when he listened to a preacher in London on May 1738 when he was a young man. Wesley was then currently 35 years old, and was unsure of the work that should be done in the church. He was not sure what the standards were and whether he should preach in parish. He made up his mind that he would preach his congregations to anyone who was willing to listen and anywhere. He would travel anywhere for his beliefs to enter the hearts of people. For the next fifty years Wesley traveled all around England and Britain, especially in the Isles. Wesley would preach wherever he could find an audience, if there were no churches he would preach in graveyards, workshops, village greens, shops, water fronts, busy markets and stables and in some cases on a chair in the street. There were records that suggest he once preached on top of a pigsty in a stable, just outside of Winchester. It was estimated that through Wesleys travels, he had covered 250 000 miles, and preached around 40 thousand times or more. John Wesley preached his last sermon when he was 87 years old, in Sussex. It was an open air sermon and many believed his preaching had changed their lives. Many people admired Wesleys faith and were truly inspired by his words. Wesley never intended to form a new Christian church; although this occurred after his death. When Wesley and his younger brother had been at Oxford …

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