Management and Leadership at Cvs Caremark

Management and Leadership at CVS Caremark Michell McGill September 2012 Ed Robinson CVS Caremark is the largest pharmacy health care provider in the United States with integrated offerings across the entire spectrum of Pharmacy CVS Caremark is a market leader in retail specialty and retail clinics and is a leading provider of Medicare Part D Prescription Drug As one of the largest pharmacy benefits managers CVS Caremark provides access to a network of more than including more than stores that provide unparallel services and contact The size and components of the company CVS Caremark has implemented a leadership team comprised of talented and diverse leaders abilities makes the company a leader among retail and specialty pharmacies in the United CVS Caremark divides the company into a Business Unit that consists of Pharmacy Benefit Management and Retail defined as influencing individual and group activities toward goal Executive leadership is a key component to the success of CVS CVS Caremark fill many of their Executive Leadership opportunities from colleagues are offered development plans and encourage open dialog with colleagues and Regular training and leadership development programs ensure that talent can be promoted from within the CVS Caremark employs Senior Executive Teams and

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