Management Information Systems for Hospitals

Management Information Systems for Hospitals Table of Introduction Hardware Software Connectivity Security SDLC Preliminary Investigation Systems Analysis System Design Programming Testing Conversion Production and Maintenance Problems and solutions of departments by information system Additional benefits of departments and medical management system QUESTION 1 Information Systems automate many steps that was formally performed it can change the flow of information and make it possible for more than one person to access the information and eliminate delays in decision The information systems are not there is Some of the departments have better information systems than Some is computerised and other have to be performed If integrated the performance of the hospital can be Quality management is a problem the manual system have to fall away if they want to improve decision making of the medical Inadequate Databases for some there is duplication of databases for patients being on a computerised system in finance and on a manual database in There is no unified storage There is a problem with patient everything gets done This becomes a even bigger problem because in the hospital environment patients lives are dependant on this information example is the cardiac bypass surgery that nearly when With the

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