Management Report ( Fashion Buying )

Management Report ( Fashion Buying )Assignment Brief:You are to assume the role of a fashion buyer for a Value High Street Brand who source product off shore, directly from the garment manufacturer. Your company has a new range of Denim products and need you to put together an action plan of how you will develop a new Outsize range of jeansStarting with competition analysis, finishing with product delivery, you are to put together an action plan including all the following areas:The market situation The competition The customer. The estimated retail price The raw materials The chosen country of supply, supplier and why. The estimated buying price The Critical Path from design to delivery.Recommended Reading:Goworek, H. (2001) Fashion Buying, Blackwell Science, ISBN ? Jackson T and Shaw D (2001) Fashion Buying and Merchandising Management, Palgrave, Hampshire, ISBN ? Levy, M and Weitz, B.A. (2003) Retailing Management, 5th Edition, McGraw Hill, ISBNPLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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