Managementthis is assessment a

Managementthis is assessment about 2 questionQ1. What do you think is the most critical strategic issue confronting LEGO? Explain your answer by drawing on relevant topics in StrategicManagement (maximum of 1,250 words).Q2. Drawing on relevant topics in this unit, what do you think is/are the foundation/s of LEGO?s competitive advantage? Explain your answer. How doyou think LEGO can identify and leverage its competitive advantage to respond to the critical issue that you have identified in Q1? (maximum of 1,250words)Your task in this written assignment is to answer the following questions after a thorough analysis of the firm, LEGO. You will draw on yourknowledge of the different elements of the ?exploring strategy model? (i.e. topics from Weeks 1-4) in providing comprehensive but concise answers tothe questions presented below. This written assignment will challenge your ability to apply what you have learned from this unit to date. You will dowell in this assignment if you build on the theories, concepts, models and frameworks that we have covered in this unit to date (i.e. textbook,lectures, tutorials, workshops, readings, hand-outs, links through our CloudDeakin) when you answer the questions below. You are free to adopt yourown style, approach and layout in presenting your answers to these questions in a formal written report. In other words, if you think you can presentyour arguments/ideas in narrative, tabular, graphic, or bullet-list forms (or a combination of these forms) in a clear and persuasive manner, thenplease do what you think is best. However, there is a word-limit for each question (i.e. number of words). The assignment has a total word limit of2500 words.

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