MANAGING INNOVATIONReview the exercise BELOW. The exercise file contains questions to be answered. The format of the paper can be numbered double-spaced responses to the questions. The total length of the paper should be 300 ? 400 words. Email the assignment to me through the course email.INNOVATION PORTAL1. Sector Innovation PatternsThink about the sector in which your firm (or one with which you are familiar) is active. You could, for example, be looking at a firm involved in children?s toy manufacturing. Now try to list the major changes in that sector over the past 25 years in terms of what contributes to competitiveness. Who (which firms) have been the winners and losers and why? You are trying to get a feel in this for how technological change can shape the competitive dynamics of an industry, so think about questions like these:? How has the industry changed ? and how has technology helped (or could it help)deal with these changes?? What new technologies have emerged ? and how have they been used??What are the main market demands (e.g. price, quality, design, customization, speedof response, etc.) and how has technology affected the ability of firms to offer these?? If a new entrant came into the industry what would he/she have to offer to become amarket leader ? and how might technology help them do so?You may need to spend some time asking people in your firm or reading about the firm and its wider sector to build up this picture. Summarize your research in the form of short ?bullet points? which highlight the strategic role played by technology. You could use the framework below, which is filled in for the example of a children?s toymaker.1. Major changes inthe industryBig influence ofTV and films ?increasing tie-insPrice pressurespush actualmanufacturing tothe Far EastFashion industrywith high risks ?and benefits forthe right productsCosts of newtechnologiesmean fewerplayers can stay inthe game of newproductdevelopment ? soconsolidation ofthe industry2. Major newtechnologiesElectronics andprogrammabilityTV/Video andcomputer games ? ascompetitors totraditional toys butalso as complementswhich can extendtheir range, e.g. Legobricks plus computer= programmable toys3. Main marketdemands and howtechnology affectsthemStrong price pressure? pushesmanufacturing to lowcost locations ?technology relevantin keeping costs lowwhilst enablingconsistent qualityMajor emphasis ondesign technologies4. How to become amarket leaderClose marketunderstanding andthe ability tocommunicate thisdeep into theorganization andconfigure products tomeet these demandsBroad knowledgebase ? especially innewer technologieslike computers andsoftware but also indesign of partsAccess todistributionnetworksStrong design andmarketing capability!

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