Managing Project Teams II

1. What are the different types of evaluation options for achieving project goals for both team-based and financial analysis?2. What are possible sources of conflict within a project team? What approach can a project manager use to keep the project on track and not be negatively impacted by such conflicts?3. What are the components of a business case, and how does it relate to the decision of a project being selected or rejected by an organization? Explain your answer.4. How does an organization benefit from having a portfolio map? Explain how this process continues to help the team reach its project goals.5. What are the attributes necessary for a team to be effective when preparing to begin a project initiation? Are all equally important? Why, or why not?6. Why do stakeholders need to be informed throughout the project? What are some effective ways to communicate with stakeholders?7. List and explain ways to measure project success. Why does success need to be monitored during the progression of the project?8. What role does the project sponsor play when initiating a project? Why is this important?

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