manifestations of violence

How have specific manifestations of violence (e.g. war and forms of punishment such as death penalty) undermine human life?or do not undermine human life under a Platonic or Kantian and Utilitarian framework? ?Discuss (check for the help you need) the main premises of the frameworks and convey how either war or the death penalty (or both if you would like) go against or?do not go against?Plato?s city or Kant?s categorical imperative and Mill?s principle of utility/utilitarian model of promoting pleasure and avoiding pain.Requirements:Required to use Mill and Plato or Kant and MillThesis statement: Response to one of the above questions in the form of a thesis statement. ?You need to state what you will explain/argue for in your paper and why/how your thesis is true. ?For example, do not say: Mill and Plato have many similarities in their works, which will be explained in this paper. ?Instead, your thesis should say something more along the lines of?Mill and Plato share similar ethical frameworks in their work of being concerned for the ?other? which is reflected through Plato?s emphasis on the common good, rather than private good and Kant?s emphasis on willing the freedom of others rather than one?s own freedom. ?(Please do not use this as your thesis, but this an example of a thesis that demonstrates what you will argue for, and how you got to that point, it is specific, so the reader has a good understanding of what you will explain in your paper). ?Does it answer the how/why question?- Textual citations/quotes ? page number must be in there, situate/contextualize the quote (e.g. (Plato 45)). ?If you do not have textual citations, many points will be taken off. ?- Explanation of quotes ? Need to explain the quote, merely placing the quote in your paper does not explain what it means. ?Explain what the quote is saying in your own words; relate it to your thesis and the ideas in your paragraph. ?Basically, the reader needs to know why you chose this quote and how it strengthens your thesis.

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