Many people compare an English literary work to

Many people compare an English literary work to different movies of their time. An example of this is Pygmalion by Bernard Shaw. A story about a woman transformed into a spectacular beauty pushed into royalty, but never loses her identity, is very similar to a movie directed by Don Bluth called Anastasia. Bernard Shaws play Pygmalion and Don Bluths movie Anastasia, show that one can change a persons appearance, but the person deep within has never left the surface. The two have a large array of similarities and differences. What is also fascinating is that the background of both the English writer and director are very similar in how they began. I will compare both movie work and literary work of two exceptional people. Bernard Shaw was born in Dublin on July 26, 1856. He was essentially shy, yet created the persona of G.B.S. The showman, controversialist, satirist, critic, pundit, wit, intellectual buffoon and dramatist ( . Shaw grew up in a family with a drunken father, whom worked in a corn mill, a mother whom left home when he was fourteen. Bernard never went to school past the age of fourteen. After his mother left his father had gotten worse ( . So he embarked on a journey to London in 1876, where he would become an active Socialist and a brilliant platform speaker. His heart was in writing and seven years later he wrote five unsuccessful novels. He was successful with his journalism; he contributed Pall Mall Gazette ( One of the many people that influenced him in his newspaper career was William Stead. Shaw attended a lecture on nationalization that was given by Henry George, which had a profound effect on his ideas of socialism. In the year of 1884 he joined the Fabian Society and in 1885 the Socialist League. Bernard gave a lecture on socialism on November 13t…

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