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Maple Leaf FoodsToday?s heightened interest in the role of businesses in society has been promoted by an increased sensitivity to ethical issues. Issues like environmental damage, improper treatment of workers, and faulty production are all issues of ethics.It is imperative that marketing plans, whether aimed at domestic or global customers, consider ethical issues. Enterprises should be obliged to make decisions based not only on financial/economic factors but also on the ethical consequences of their activities (Hartman, 2004). Any marketing plan is incomplete without incorporating ethical considerations.Decision areas that likely require an ethical thought are:? Employment Practices and Policies? Consumer Protection? Environmental Protection? Basic human rights and fundamental freedoms? Involvement in political affairs of the countryTASK:In the summer of 2008 Maple Leaf Foods of Canada were faced with an ethical decision. What was the situation? How did the company respond? What do you think of what they did? Cite your sources.Research and summarize the situation maple leaf food faced and relate the situation to the ethical thoughts in two pages. Also write about how company responded to the situation.!

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