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I am a campus student at Kaplan University in Hagerstown, Maryland. Im enrolled in theMedical Assisting Certificate Program. I am not doing the program for my certificate with theguarantee of making a lot of money. As of May 2012 Medical Assistants salaries were $29,270 ayear. (Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2014). The demand for Medical Assistants in my region is high. Im constantly seeing ads in the newspaper for some type for medical assisting job. Medicalassisting is the fastest growing occupation with a projection of 29% in the years to come. (Bureau of Labor Statistics. 2014). Kaplan University offers the certificate program and theassociates degree program. Becoming a medical assistant also prepares you for becoming amedical records and health information technologist, administrative medical assistant, dentalassistant, EKG technologist and an optometric assistant. All that is an option for me if I wantedto continue my education but for

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