March 10, 2000 Religion III Oscar Romero w

March 10, 2000 Religion III Oscar Romero was a modern day prophet as well as an advocate of the anawim. He was an amazing man. His life was dedicated to the welfare of the anawim. The anawim of El Salvador were those who were not involved with the military, the guerillas, or the government. No one outside of those three groups possessed any power. Romero was truly a man for others. He thought of the people as companions and as relatives. Romero gives us several examples that show us that he followed the advice of Saint Paul. We can relate the actions of the Ebla kings to those actions of Romero. Romero had one message. It was I will rise again in the people. As Jesus was, Romero was also tempted into ownership. His reaction to ownership is much different than our view of ownership. Romero is obviously a man for others. He was a man who did not live for himself, but for others and Christ. Every action done by Romero was intended to help others. Not one of his actions were done to help himself. Everything was intended to help others. Romeros attitude toward the poor of El Salvador can be related to the feelings of Arrupes Jesuit Alumni. Arrupe thought of the Jesuit Alumni as his friends, his family, and his companions. Romero has very strong feelings toward the people around him. He does not look down upon the poor and oppressed. He looks at them eye to eye. He thinks of them as his family and his friends. Everything that he does is intended to help them. Hess Romero follows the advice of St. Paul. Do not be overcome evil, however, overcome evil with good. He faces situations everyday where he is overcome by evil. However, he never gives in to it. He does not act in an evil manner upon them, but always overcomes the evil with goodness. An example of his goodness can be seen as Romero lead his followers into the church. He is hurt by the destruction of the Eucharist, but does not act in a har…

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