Marijuana legalization

Write a 1400 word paper in MLA style, with works cited if necessary, which argues a position either about some kind of marijuana legalization. The writing assignment is to take a position, and logically to support and cogently to defend that position. Marijuana links: Questions: ?Does marijuana have medicinal value? Are the resulting premises based on value or fact?? Question: ?How does hemp significantly differ from marijuana?? Question: ?What would be the political, economic, and social consequences of legalizing recreational marijuana?? Question: ?What would be the economic, political, and social consequences of legalizing industrial hemp?? Assignment Summary: Read a bit in the links provided, then decide which of the two areas you will address. Go back into the chosen subject and find out the features of a position you might take. Make a list. You only have 1400 words, so the more specific about your position, the easier it will be to keep the piece down to 1400 words. Eliminate weak or uninteresting premises If you use sources, cite them MLA style. In short: decide your position, state it clearly, list your premises, explore any objections, develop counters, and then pound out the argument. There is no wrong position?only weakly supported ones.

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