Mark Christian Life and Faith in the Earliest Gospel: Mark 5-9

Mark Christian Life and Faith in the Earliest Gospel: Mark 5-9Project descriptionNotes on Mark 5-9 The assignment is to carefully read chapters 5 through 9 in the Gospel of Mark. You are to read Mark as if reading it for the very first time. You are to read it with the followingquestions in mind: 1. What do I find here that would help me to understand the meaning of Christian faith and life? 2. What did Mark want his first hearers to understand with regard to what itmeant to be a follower of Jesus? 3. How did the first readers of Mark understand the Gospel?You should make notes, citing the chapter and verse, about the things you read that helps you to answer these questions.The idea of this assignment is to see if you can, by reading this originaldocument, understand how early Christians might have understood what was involved in following Jesus. You?re to read this, inasmuch as possible, without reading ? into it ? your own presentunderstandings of the Gospel. s

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