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market intelligenceChiApp is a business information processing and IT solutions company based at the Kunming High Tech Enterprise Zone. Established in 2007, ChiApp is a company with a young management team and employs over 100 people. The first five years focussed on developing a strong team of IT experts in information processing applications and the majority of business came from Chinese manufacturers. Having been approached by an Indian IT outsourcing company to become part of their supply chain, they were now considering opportunities to expand their business through internationalisation.Working as a High Tech Enterprise Zone consultant you have been assigned to ChiApp to consider the most appropriate routes for expansion. What are the business information processing/IT solution opportunities in international markets? Should they work with other key providers or direct with international companies?Assignment structure ? Clear justifications for where you think the opportunities are for the company ? Potential risks ? Sufficient market intelligence to support any recommendations made ? Practical suggestions on relationships and networks you feel the organisation should consider ? Financing options for the company and international expansion ? Appropriate routes to market ? Market support available and ? Consideration of intellectual property implications based on your suggestions for international market development.:

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