Marketing Plan of Indus Motor Company Limited

The Market Plan The Market Plan Indus Motor Company Indus Motor Company Azeem Danish Student A4042710 Azeem Danish Student A4042710 Table of Contents Executive Summary2 Introduction2 Business Mission2 External Marketing Audit Macro Environment3 PEEST ANALYSIS4 Micro Environment6 Overall Market6 Internal Marketing Audit8 Operating results8 Strategic issues analysis8 Marketing mix effectiveness9 Marketing structures and systems10 SWOT Analysis11 Marketing Objectives13 Strategic Thrust13 Strategic Objectives14 Core Strategy14 Target Competitor Targets15 Competitive Advantage15 Marketing Mix Decisions16 Product16 Price16 Promotion17 Place17 and control18 Implementation and Control18 Conclusion18 Executive Summary This is an report on the analysis of current market position of Indus Motor Company It is primarily focused on biggest brand This report includes a plan for IMCL to become a market leader and retain its current brand reputation in the For this purpose analysis has been done on the Micro and Macro environments of the company including SWOT The Marketing Mix Price and have been used to develop the strategy A budget is also has been proposed for the company for the future Introduction process by which businesses analyse the environment and their decide upon courses of marketing action and implement those decisions is called marketing 2010 It is a very broad concept which

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