Marketing research :- about (Carrefour)

Marketing research :- about (Carrefour)Market Research Project: The market research project can be done individually or as a team. Students are required to select a marketing issue or problem and a firm of their choice within the UAE to explore. To do just that students are required to carry out basic and thorough literature review of the issue and the firm?s background. Following are the phases required for the marketing research project.1. Understand and state title or topic of the marketing research project2. Introduction ? discussing the most salient points of the marketing issue(s)3. Background on the firm or organization4. Motivation for carrying out the research5. Literature review6. Methodology ? you will use the analytical hierarch process (AHP) model. Please do search articles dealing with the AHP. I will be glad to provide you with some of my papers on AHP application7. Data source: interview and survey questionnaire8. Data analysis9. Results and discussions10. Conclusion and Managerial implicationsGrades will be reduced by one letter grade for each day that any stage is late. More details about the project will be provided when students are prepared to assimilate them.Important Note:1. Designed survey questionnaire for my review before attempting to contact experts in the field2. Contact and visit the experts in the field, managers, Directors, VPs, Presidents of your selected firm or organization for an interview and to validate your survey questionnaire3. After validation of survey questionnaire, submit to experts in the field to obtain opinions or judgments4. Bring the completed survey questionnaire by experts for analysis (by you and I)!

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