Marketing research project

TASKIndividually, you are required to conduct a market research report on a tourism, events orhospitality (THE) organisation of your choice. This will encompass materials from the first threetopics of this course. Essentially, this report requires you to document the currentcompetitiveness of your chosen organisation through a thorough review of its current operationsfrom a marketing perspective. It requires an extensive understanding of how your organisationand the THE industry in general. Sub-headings are encouraged and can be used for theintroduction, within the main body and in the conclusion.REQUIREMENTS:Section 1: Executive Summary (300 words)You are to provide an executive summary of your report. This shortened version shouldsummarise the rest of the report so that the manager can understand a larger body of materialwithout having to read it all. It is to only include material present in your main report. It is not tobe written as an introduction. Attempt to use past tense.Section 2: Introduction (400 words)Your market report should begin with a brief overview of your organisation. This should providea general overview of the operational context for which your organisation trades in. You are alsoto briefly mention the distribution channel your organisation is affiliated with. Here, there shouldbe some statistics relating to your chosen THE industry context.Section 3: Portfolio Analysis (600 words)In this section you are to provide a portfolio analysis for your organisation based on three keyexperiences that it provides (examples of a portfolio shall be provided in class). A matrix style isto be utilised. You are also to showcase the relationship with these experiences and thedistribution channels that it provides.Section 4: Organisation Competitiveness: (600 words)This section will require you to examine based on your research how well you perceive that yourorganisation performs. Here, you are to consider the competitiveness stance. It will be based verymuch on your judgment combined with research statistics.Section 5: Market Segmentation Analysis (700 words)You are to provide a market segmentation analysis of two (2) major markets [customers] thatyou perceive that your organisation should provide services to. Based on your understanding ofyour chosen organisation, you are to prioritise each of the target markets through a detailed levelof analysis.Section 6: Recommendations (300 words)This section requires you to outline in detail two (2) recommendations for your organisation.Here I would like you to consider a different direction for your organisation in its planning.Some suggestions could include (but not limited to):? Should there be a change of market segmentation?? Should a new market be targeted?? Should a new experience be developed?? Should a new distribution channel be considered?Section 7: Conclusion (100 words)This final section is a brief overview that summaries the previous sections of your researchreport. It is to mention each of the different sections that you have considered and leave thereader with a complete picture of how your organisation performs.Note:It is expected that the word limit of 3,000 words is NOT exceeded; consequently you will needto be very succinct and thorough with your research report. It is advised that you ask someone toread through your report prior to submission to limit potential wordiness or repetition..

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