marketing strategy of Clear Shampoo in China

Strategy of CLEAR Shampoo in China Contents Introduction In Chinese shampoo many companies are facing the same It significant to adopt effective marketing strategy to attract target and potential As for CLEAR it is one of the most distinguished shampoo brands all over the world and belongs to Before CLEAR came to it has become the top brand in dandruff market in South Europe and Southeast CLEAR landed in China in 2007 in order to seize one billion yuan shampoo In this PEEST analysis and SWOT analysis are used to analyze the environment of CLEAR which is useful to find problems and solve Several suggestions have also been made on how to improve its marketing strategy in the The macroenvironment of CLEAR marketing PEEST analysis Political and legal forces The political and legal environment refers to the national and global laws and regulations that affect businesses In plan proposed the development of light including As for it also encountered a golden period of its The abolishment of hair care products consumption tax in 2006 was an opportunity for Unilever to promote consumption and make the price more Economic forces A good way to measure the market potential for a product

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