Martinson, Anderson, and de Vries? article and your specialization

Martinson, Anderson, and de Vries? article and your specializationPaper instructions:After reading Martinson, Anderson, and de Vries? article and your specialization specific readings, respond to the following questions:What new perspectives did you form after reading the article? Were there behaviors you had not previously considered a part of academic honesty? Which behaviors pose special problems for you in your current or future professional specialization? Why? What could you do to promote academic integrity and prevent the behaviors listed in the article in your own practice? What strengths and weaknesses do you see in the article itself?another half a page essay:Read the Professional Problem relevant to your specialization in the Resources. Respond to the following questions: Who are the stakeholders or individuals involved in the problem? What might be the similarities and differences in their perspectives on the problem? How does understanding each of their views help you better understand and solve the problem? What critical thinking errors did you recognize yourself slipping into?such as narrow-mindedness or intellectual unfairness?as you analyzed the problem?:

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