Mary Carole Hollingsworth

Put the knowledge that you have learned in this class to practical use. You havecollectively chosen one of the three options to create a research paperPaper Minimums & Standards1. I recommend you choose your topic soon and please ask any questions only afteryou have reviewed the subject to better understand the topics.2. Research on the paper must include at a minimum 8 references in this paper.Periodicals (journals preferred along with magazines and newspapers) are the bestsources for much of your research. But, occasionally, selected websites will offergood information. Books are typically not used for this type of research. Likely,half of the references should come from using Galileo (Georgia Library LearningOnline), Business Source Complete, Lexis-Nexis, and the remainder from theacademically significant WWW sites. Please note that Wikipedia, social mediapostings, blogs,, and like websites are notacceptable sources to use in this paper. When in doubt, ask me if it is a source youcan use. Those unacceptable websites should be used to familiarize yourself with atopic and then you continue to find a more academic resource. Use ofunacceptable sources will result in a mandatory deduction of 10 points per referenceused. If you are in doubt what is acceptable, just ask me in advance.4. The research paper should incorporate your thoughts from reading the articles andwhen you quote directly the words of someone else, you must use proper APA style.Take a look at the APA Guide for questions on this and you may look them uponline. Remember, the project should be your words for the most part explainingthe topics researched. See The OWL at Purdue website for an excellent source onAPA papers and references. There is a zero tolerance for plagiarism on thisassignment.5. The References must be also completed in proper format. The URL alone is NOTacceptable as a reference on the reference page. (The OWL at Purdue shows youthis as well)6. Minimum Paper Requirements are also listed below, however, no less than 4 fulldouble-spaced pages, using 1? inch margins all around and a 12 point typeface(Arial, Calibri, Cambria, Times New Roman are preferred fonts). The Referencespage is in addition to the pages, and any cover sheet included at the beginning ofthe paper and does not count toward the 4 page minimum. You must proof, spellcheck and grammar check your document. Read your paper before submitting, out BISM Research Paper 2loud ? it helps you find errors. DO NOT WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO DOTHIS PAPER.Each of you will write (not including references) a research paper one of the threetopic choices in this assignment with the following guidelines.? Minimum 4 pages; You may write more.? Minimum of 8 references must be used; You may use more.? Your research must come from sources that are academically acceptable.? All reference citations in your References should be made using standardelectronic search procedures, see librarians for help using GALILEO. See theOWL at Purdue website for proper APA format.? Papers are to be typed, double-spaced, use standard typefaces referencedearlier (ask if you have questions). Use 12 point font size and l inch marginsall around. It must be grammar and spell checked.? Use a cover sheet, which has the title, class/section and your name.? Date due and late acceptance date are listed on the course schedule? Papers that plagiarize or violate school policies will be dealt with accordingto college guidelines? Final papers are submitted in the dropbox which will open closer to the duedateHave fun ? even though this is a learning experience where you will gain valuableinsight on the task of making educated assessments of real life business situations.

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