Medical Tourism Marketing Strategy in Thailand

Medical Tourism in Thailand and Its Marketing Strategies Jutamas Rerkrujipimol1 and Ilian Assenov2 1 Faculty of Hospitality Tourism Prince of Songkla Thailand Faculty of Hospitality Tourism Prince of Songkla Thailand 2 Abstract Thailand has emerged as a leading medical tourism destination in recent The increase in the number of international patients shows that Thailand has great potential for medical tourism and the improvement of its marketing strategies will further increase the image of Thailand as a medical tourism In order to face off the challenges of growing competition form Malaysia and other Thailand needs among other things to improve its marketing as a favourite medical tourism destination in the this exploratory research was set to evaluate the current marketing strategies of healthcare providers and intermediaries through interviews with stakeholders and and to propose effective marketing strategies for preserving and enhancing position as a leading medical tourism This qualitative research employed interviews to examine the current marketing strategies of healthcare service Interviews took place with healthcare service providers private and medical travel agents and related at several popular tourism destinations of and Respondents were selected through purposive In observation of websites and online marketing of service providers of competitors and took

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