Memo: Proposed Changes to Casino Control Act

COR 160 ESSENTIAL ACADEMIC WRITING SKILLS TMA 02 Khin Sein Yu Khaing Student H1270622 MEMO Director of Department of Ministry of Home Affairs Executive of Department of Ministry of Home Affairs September 2012 Changes to the Casino Control Act As you have this report discusses the analysis and results of research on tackling social issues of gambling and Casino Control This report details the effectiveness of enacted the possible policy gap and the The Government has set up a national framework to tackle problem Casino Regulatory Authority and National Council on Problem Gambling are CRA monitors and regulates Casinos according to Casino Control Act as well as engaging with Government and public to formulate and strengthen the existing regulatory framework to enhance the social On the other NCPG engages more directly with public to formulate educational framework to reduce problem gambling as well as gauge effectiveness of such as counseling NCPG works with National Addiction Management Services to gauge level of treatment and counseling especially for gambling CRA has censured and fined both casinos for violating social safeguards within the NCPG has also embarked on advertising and educational materials to focusing on harmony and security of family as core reason

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