MemorandumThe main requirement is to appbz realist theory to answer the questions. Drawing on the class content, class readings (Explicitly draw from class readings-make sure you cite them when you do) as well as lectures, do the best you cant! Do NOT draw from outside sources, wiki, etc.Write a memorandum to President Obama assessing the prospects for international peace and stability over the next ten years; this, from a realist, or traditionalist, theoretical perspective. Your memorandum must answer all the following questions:(1) Start with the basic realist (traditionalist) image of the world. a. What is the natural condition of the world as described by realists? b. Discuss. c. Based on this image of the world, what would a realist say about the general prospects for world peace and security over 1the next ten years?(2) Drawing on the model used in class to analyze seven earlier balance of power systems (What is the framework? Assess relative homogeneity. Etc. Etc.) analyze in as much detail as you can the global balance of power in 2014 and project out based on trends for the next ten years. This part should explicitly draw from class readingsas well as class notes. Note: Give this part a lot of attention/apply each part of the model completely.(3) Compare and contrast the balance of power system you have just described for 2013-2023 with at least two previous balance of power system (1815-1854, Bismarck?s system, pre-WWI system, inter war system, post-World War Ii system, 19505 system, 197os system, as covered in class). Point out similarities AND differences.(4) Based on the comparison you make in #3 above, provide an assessment of the prospects for peace and international security for the U.S during the next te_n years. (Does it look like things are heading in a more stable direction? A less stable direction? Be specific.) Discuss.(5) What key events and/or foreign policies might affect this future balance, either negatively or positivelyiwhat might lead to war? -what might keep war away? Identify and briefly discuss at least three. Draw explicitly from Nye, other readings, class notes, etc.:

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