Mercedes Benz E Class W212 Commercial ?Sorry?

Mercedes Benz E Class W212 Commercial ?Sorry? Project description please watch this (Mercedes Benz E Class W212 Commercial ?Sorry?)and write the analysis and snthesis.Part 2: Analysis and Synthesis ? Due in lecture Monday, May 12 Write an analytical essay (5 to 6 pages) using your description of the communication example as data. The analysis should include the following elements:1) Begin by articulating a set of productive questions about this example of communication, such as what connections one might be able to make between this example and others, and how it might relate to other social, political, economic, cultural, and aesthetic phenomena.2) Structure the analysis by drawing upon key concepts and approaches to communication research from the course and using them to address the questions that you have posed. Cite the texts that you are drawing on, even when paraphrasing rather than quoting directly. Authors should always been credited for their ideas. Do this by putting author?s name and page # in parenthesis at the end of the cited material (but before any quotation marks, e.g. Cite correctly (Brandt, x). ). If you use an author who isn?t in the reader, also list the text in a bibliography.3) Conclude by describing some of the limits or challenges to understanding or interpretation of this event:

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