Methodology-A very brief summa

Methodology-A very brief summary of themethod you will use to examine your researchquestions included in Chapter One. Dissertation andproposal convention reserves Chapter Three for thedetained Discuss (check for the help you need)ion of methodology. The proposalversion of Chapter Three, written now in future tense,provides as much detail as possible of what you intendto do to collect and analyze the data for the dissertationversion of Chapter Three. (Which will be rewritten inpast tense after your research is completed.) (Thissummary will later provide exact replicable details ofwhat you actually did to collect and analyze data.)Submit a brief summary of the intended methodologythat will be included in Chapter 1. This summary shouldbe about a paragraph long, two at the most.Submit the full Chapter 3-Methodology that includesoDescription of the location from whichparticipants will be selectedoAccess permissions needed and methodfor obtaining permission from both participants and?gatekeepers?oDescription of participants and anypossible permissions that will be required (i.e., fromparents if participants are under 21)oDescription of data collection method(observation, survey, etc.)oDescription of any instrument that isplanned to be used and any pilot study needed (e.g., ifyou design your own survey). Include any validity andreliability scores for all standardized assessmentinstruments (available in Buros Mental MeasurementsYearbook, description of planned data analysiso?Permissions-Submit a draft of allpermission letters you may need to send out in order toaccomplish your study. These could be a request to aprincipal to come to the school to interview teachers, aletter to accompany a survey that you intend send out,a request to use a mailing list of an organization (i.e.,Phi Delta Kappa membership), or a letter to parentsfor permission to observe their child in the classroom.[NOTE: All permission letters you plan to send outmust be included in the Appendix of the Proposal. Allsigned letters granting permission must be included inthe Appendix of the Dissertation.]

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