Michael Moore?s: ?Idiot nation? and Bowling for columbine.

Michael Moore?s: ?Idiot nation? and Bowling for columbine.Order DescriptionWrite a two pages expository essay in which you respond to the writing prompt below. please be sure to include ideas and evidence from both of Michael Moore?s: ?Idiot nation? and Bowling for columbine.Prompt:How do the idea in Michael Moore?s essay ?Idiot Nation? connect to some of the issues of teen violence that are presented in his film Bowling for columbine. How do you feel about his approach to such serious topics, using humor, an irreverent (disrespectful or mocking) tone, and a lack of condescension? (In other words, he is serious and very concerned.) does his style work? why or why not? do you agree with the conclusion that Moore has arrived at in his essay and in his film.

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