Michael Novak – Capitalism and the Corporation

Case Michael Capitalism and the corporation The problem investigated is the growth of corporations and capitalism to the extent that they become unavoidably inseparable in order to maintain a civil Corporations have been with humanity since the beginning of organized Capitalism can be loosely defined as the economic freedom to allow for the building of both individually and In order to provide for that governments must be in one accord with corporations to that Adam writings tell us in the course of history that countries may finally become a of as part of a natural He further suggests an economy is inevitably woven into the fabric of society and that fabric should be allowed to grow without the interference of which we can fairly judge as governments of all kinds To this both Smith and Novak concur of private capital and private independent of the are crucial to the survival of The American corporation faces the responsibility of creating a social good beyond the four reasons given by Michael it creates it provides desirable goods and through its profits it creates wealth that did not exist it is a private social independent of the for the moral and material support

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