microburstPaper instructions: SPECIFIC GUIDANCE FOR PAPER The completed paper should include 6 pages of work (NOT including figures, graphs, and references). The student must use a minimum of five (5) sources. The paper must include the following parts (specifically for the weather/climatology approach/as appropriate for an alternative subject): 1. Introduction: Include a clear thesis statement about the weather and climate analysis of the location the student intends to study. 2. Discussion: The student should discuss the impact weather has on the aviation (ground or flight operations). 3. Summary: Include a brief summary of the activities and methods used in completing the report. Specifically address how your research work contributed to a better understanding of the impacts on aviation as well as issues related to your understanding as to what if anything could be done to improve aviation ground or flight operations in the future. 4. References: You must cite at least 5 sources alphabetically (ERAU uses APA exclusively). You should not use Wikipedia as a source.:

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