Model for free and open university courseware

A Framework for Implementation of Free and Open University Courseware in Patrick Adrian Kamotho Kenya Methodist University Corresponding Abstract Free and Open University Courseware refers to university course materials which may include lecture presentation syllabi and course outlines that are shared for free on the The concept of free sharing of university courseware is continuously gaining popularity especially in developed The purpose of this study was to investigate the factors that encourage discourage uptake of free and open university courseware and what needs to be done to encourage the Towards achieving this the study proposes a framework which is guided by previous models developed by early open courseware A survey was conducted on three public universities based on the Data was collected mainly through questionnaires administered to lecturers and university Interview and observation techniques were also used total 630 questionnaires were distributed to the three public universities 522 valid responses were The findings show that sustainability of the motivation of faculty and dealing with copyright are significant factors that tend to influence implementation of FOCW in Kenya and provide a generic framework for addressing the Introduction Free and Open University Courseware has been adopted in various models such as MOOC

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