Money is easy to make as long as you have a job

Money is easy to make as long as you have a job, however what do you do when you have the money is another question. This is a question I have asked myself ever since I got my first part time job. Many people dont realize that your money can make you more money, through proper investment. Through this strategy you can not only live comfortably now, but you can live a wealthy retirement and enjoy your later years. One of tips which caught my eye the most was the chapter, entitled, “Ten Percent Solution”. This chapter seemed to make sense to me as I am on a limited budget with a minimum wage job. I am one of the fortunate students how somehow can balance school with a part time job. I do this because it allows me some freedoms while at school, such as eating well, socializing and trips to visit friends. I also seem to have a bit of money left over which I leave sitting in my low interest bank account. It is this money I am hoping to save for when I am done school and to begin my OSAP payments. Until reading the book, “The Wealthy Barber”, I never really had an idea of what to do with my money. Since I am also one of those students who is lucky enough to have a loan through OSAP, I figured Id better start saving or making money as it is stated. I am currently saving money in a GIC account at a bank which has a mediocre interest rate of approximately 4%. However, if I invest in something such as a mutual fund for long term growth I will get a better interest rate and end up making more money without doing anything. The nice thing about both the GIC and the mutual fund is that they use the compound interest which allows your money to grow at a very rapid rate, as you will slowly start making money on the previous interest deposits as well as your own deposits which you make. However to gain significant interest growth you must have something at a reasonable interest rate. This book has really inspired me…

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