Montessori, Steiner and Reggio Emilia Educational Models

Montessori, Steiner and Reggio Emilia Educational Modelsinvestigate the Montessori, Steiner (Waldorf education) and Reggio Emilia educational models that have been explored within this unit.Part A: Compose a 1000 word introductory summary with in-text citations to academic literature to compare and contrast the Montessori, Steiner (Waldorf Education) and Reggio education models. This summary must adhere to academic writing standards and refer to a minimum of 5 research-based journal articles in addition to other academic literature.Part B: Create a detailed 2500 word matrix (in bullet point format) with consistent in-text references to academic literature that examines the Montessori, Steiner (Waldorf education) and Reggio Emilia models according to the following headings:??Image of the child;???Teaching and learning;???Assessment;???Environment; and???Relationships with parents and the community.Make sure you use the APA (v.6) referencing format to indicate all sources of your ideas throughout the summary and matrix. Consistent in-text references are needed to demonstrate clear links to theory. Reference to dictionary definitions, Wikipedia and Google Internet sites is not accepted at a University level. In terms of overall structure, marks will also be awarded for correct use of English, spelling, punctuation, grammar and academic writing style. The presentation of your matrix (font colour, style and spacing) within Microsoft Word is entirely up to you. (Need to paraphrase)Part B ? Matrix (Montessori, Steiner and Reggio Emilia) 30Evidence of unit readings and academic research 10Overall presentation, APA (v.6) referencing, spelling, grammar and punctuation. 5TOTAL 60 MarksText book ? Brady, L., & Kennedy, K. (2010). Curriculum construction (4th ed.). Sydney: Prentice Hall.!

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