Mrs. Glasser and Mrs. Rau have a lot in common.

Mrs. Glasser and Mrs. Rau have a lot in common. Theyre both English teachers and they both work at Sachem North. They are also married with no kids. But thats where the similarities stop. They have different opinions and different likes and dislikes. Mrs. Glasser was born on February 21 in Smithtown. Her first name is Diane and Shes an Aquarius. She is the youngest out of 3 children in her family. Shes not really sure of her favorite color. She likes the group Destinies Child and her favorite movie over the summer was what lies beneath. She loves junk food and anything salty. In school her favorite subjects were Math and English. As a cheerleader she entered many competitions. Her favorite room in her home is the living room because she knows all her work is done and she can relax. The saddest time in her life was when her parents died and the happiest was when she got married. She has no kids, but shes got 2 cats. Her goal in life is to be successful. Shes attracted to people with a positive attitude on life. If she could change anything about herself, she would be more spontaneous. Mrs. Rau was born on January 24 in Brooklyn. Like Mrs. Glasser, Mrs. Rau is also an Aquarius. Shes the oldest of 3 children in her family. Her favorite colors are red, yellow, and purple because they are bright happy colors. The kind of music she likes is rhythm and blues, but she hates rap. Her Favorite movies are Silent Storm, Little Shop of Horrors, and Ace Ventura. These movies are funny and make her laugh. She likes Italian foods and foods with spices. She doesnt like desserts though. She enjoys reading, running, weight lifting, gardening, landscaping, and boating. Her favorite rooms in her home are the living room and the work out room. The saddest moment of her life is when her younger cousin died. Her goal in life is to teach English. She hopes to retire someday and move to a roomy house n…

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