Music in the 20th century is something that has

Music in the 20th century is something that has evolved from early days of jazz and blues music, to Rap, R&B, alternative, and rock & roll. It has become evident that some bands stand apart from others. The influences of Pink Anderson and Floyd Council have helped one of the greatest rock bands of all time emerge, Pink Floyd. The use of synthesizers, guitar and solid vocals has made them a musical force to be reckoned with. The bands name was arrived at after blues musicians Floyd Council and Pink Anderson. However, this was not the first of the names given to the band. Sigma6 was the first on a list of many names to come for the band. The band had many names at different times such as, The Screaming Abdabs, T-Set, The Meggadeaths, and The Architectural Abdabs, until Syd came up with the name The Pink Floyd Sound, inspired by two jazz artists Pink Anderson, and Floyd Council ( The band had roots in the early 1960s in Cambridge, England where future rock legends Syd Barrett and David Gilmour grew up. The band would generally gather at Barretts house to play in his lavish home, using makeshift instruments to play the tunes of current rock stars; that is up until member Roger Waters blew his college grant money on his first guitar (Povey 8). Now as to the use of the name Pink Floyd, there is much to wonder. Contrary to popular belief, the name did not come from a hallucination Syd Barrett had while using LSD. In his record collection he possessed two records, one by Pink Anderson, master of ragtime, blues and folk, and the other by bluesman Floyd Council, through which he simply combined first and last names to come up with a band name. Other options came up such as Anderson Council, but the group opted for another name (Povey 14). Pink Floyd was born. Getting back to the origin of the groups members is a lengthy issue. Each member had been in other bands before coming together,…

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