My Cultural Autobiography

My Cultural AutobiographyThis paper should allow each of you to introspect about your own life and culture. Exploring your past, present and incorporating your future dreams, goals and aspirations. You will be defining who you are and why are you are the way you are? This introspection is important and at times painful, exhilarating and arduous. You should start from the beginning of this course thinking about this most simple but difficult question. Please trust the process and give 200% in completing your personal cultural autobiography. You may utilize the following questions and the information provided, along with your understanding of the anthropological topics discussed during this course to help you organize, process and create the outline necessary to complete this final requirement. The order in which the questions are presented have nothing to do with the outline of your paper. They are provided as a guide and you don?t have to answer all the questions. Please make sure not to give a history paper. Think about the videos and chapters you read in your book. Please make sure to incorporate anthropological terms you have learned throughout the semester in your paper. Some terms you may use are: ethnocentrism, enculturation, celebrating rituals, food have religious significance, the gender roles and constructions (cultural meanings, not biological), symbolic behavior (flags, wedding rings, money), impacts of globalization on your culture, how language reflects culture (status, gender, age, social variables), your culture?s group personality (cooperative, sharing, aggressive, egocentric), core values, kinship ties and descent, ethnic psychoses, cultural adaptation and evolution, economic systems (resources, labor, exchange of goods), marriage and famib2 (obligations, rituals, expectations, divorce, nuclear/extended family, matrilocal residence), common-interest associations, age grading, class and gender groupings, function of arts, spirituality and religious beliefs. Use your book as a guide and answer these guestions as an anthropologist would. See relevant chapters on corresponding topics below.:

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