My Experience Shadowing Jennifer Sensibello

Martin Sobotka POP 2 Section 3 25 April 2014 Experiential Paper For this I shadowed Jennifer an LPN at Heather Hill in Jennifer works in the care wing of the rehabilitation center where patients with or who are recovering from surgery stay to We started off the day with a fellow giving Jennifer information about patients from the previous night during their shift While they were doing they were explaining to me different prescriptions they were discussing and what each is used Jennifer and Jaime counted the pills in the med cart to make sure all the narcotics were accounted Jennifer explained to me how there is no onsite pharmacy for this wing of the so to get their carts they either send them to another pharmacist or they must send them to a secure facility in She also explained how sometimes the nurses have to handle situations such as As discussed in pharmacists are required to make difficult decisions just as the nurse has to in this If they receive the script after the office is they cannot call the doctor with their concern so they have to make a judgment call of whether or not to give the

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