My Freedom and Relationship with My Parents

Psych 412 Penn State Love I first moved out on my own for college freshman year when i was 16 years It definitely changed the relationship between my parents because even though we were farther away from each somehow it made us I guess its true that distance makes the heart grow I love my parents but they are extremely strict and therefore make it hard to live with them but when i moved out i started to miss them as parents even though i loved my Arnett thinks that the heart grows fonder towards parents during He speculates that naturally when you live with someone theres going to be some fighting about household responsibilities and simply different habits and once you leave home you fight with your parents about these things and you only see them when you choose to see them therefore its much easier to get along with them and focus on the good parts of the relationship rather than the bad parts them having control over I definitely agree with him because i have personally experienced this exact thing with my parents as Their personalities and mine are completely They are extremely traditional and strict while

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