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Positive replacement behaviors seem simple enough to understand when breaking down each word. It?s to have the undesired behavior or desired behavior replaced with a positive reinforcement. When doing this you want to try and bring in a replacement behaviors. It is helpful to have a target behavior that is not compatible with its. For example if Roger doesn?t like to have his shoes untied because he has difficulty tying them make sure to ask his parents or try to obtain shoes that don?t need tying like Velcro. Overall as an educator you want to try and avoidMy Knowledge Positive Replacement Behaviors the target behavior and use the replacement behavior as much as possible. What does reinforcement mean? Reinforcement in simple terms is defined as a consequence that follows a behavior. The consequence is used to strengthen the behavior immediately after it has occurred. If you really think about it reinforcement happens all the time in everyday life. Reinforcements happen in a lot of ways outside of the classroom. The reinforcement that first comes to mind for me is doing chores. If I continued to do my chores on a constant basis I would get paid for doing so. Even though this reinforcement isn?t the same it works in a similar way. The main goal for reinforcement is to set a goal or a standard for that person and in the end your get an award for it. There are many different types of reinforcers to help behavior but there are specific types of reinforcers that work for different students. The four reinforcer types are: Natural reinforcers token reinforcers social reinforcers and tangible reinforcers. Natural reinforcers are kind of self-explanatory. For example if Becky Sue stays on task and does her homework then she will get good grades. Token reinforcers are usually given when a student is executing actions that the teacher has suggested when given these tokens they can be exchanged for something of value. Social reinforcers are similar to verbal praise or specific approval of behavior. For example Bobby gets his English paper back and his teacher writes excellent work! The last reinforcer is tangible reinforcement. Tangibles are used a lot with educators and involve a physical award such as treats money or prizes. What is positive and negative reinforcement? Positive Reinforcement is a technique used by professionals and parents to modify their children?s behavior by reinforcing desired behaviors. Positive reinforcement can be used as a reward. Educators are well known for using reinforcement in education. When you need to help your children learn new behaviors increase behaviors you desire and reduce undesirable behaviors your chances for success will increase if you use positive reinforcement? (Butler 2010). This term is familiar throughout society and is used as a great method for behavior modification. Sometimes people think positive reinforcement is only used for the students that struggle with undesired behaviors but it also there for students that continue to their good behaviors. Negative reinforcement involves strengthening a behavior through the removal or avoiding of negative outcomes. This reinforcement is confused with being negative and used as punishment when it is not. Negative reinforcement is used in hoped that the behavior will not reoccur. As you can see punishment and negative reinforcement are used in two different ways as one is in hope that it won?t occur again and the other is in hopes of decreasing the behavior. How would you use positive reinforcement in the classroom environment? When I think of a positive reinforcement I think of positive things throughout your classroom and the day. First I would start the day off by greeting my students as they come into the classroom. If I see a few students sitting quietly putting their stuff away and sitting on task I would use verbal praise by saying thank you for coming in and doing what you need to do in the start of class. A lot of my reinforcements would be verbal and specific to their behaviors and the individuals. When using my verbal praise I would make sure to use a loud but pleasant voice to make it known to that student. Even though it?s great to use individual reinforcements I think it is also crucial for students to have positive reinforcement as a group. For example if every student gets there homework done in class or close to done they the class receives a smiley face. If the class receives 10 smiley faces they will get a pizza party. Sometimes this is hard to obtain from the whole class but once they do it is great because the class earned this a whole. My plan that including goals and objectives for a student with an emotional disabilities My plan that including goals and objectives for a student with an emotional disabilities Emotional disabilities can be fragile to work with. When working with students that have disabilities like these I would first and foremost be patient with the student. The Article Emotional or Behavioral Disorders Defined states Emotional or behavioral disorders can be divided into three groups that are characterized by externalizing behavior Internalizing behaviors and low incidence disorders? (Smith 2007). By looking over these three categories there is a difference between the three. I would try and figure out the students that fell into each group. For goals I would try to make sure that they were measurable for the students. From the beginning of figuring out their emotion disability I would set up specific goals and objectives for each student to follow. Each student is different so this would be done on an individual basis. When including goals I think it?s great to develop short and long term goals for students. The plan that is developed could have a reward system. For example for every 30 minutes the student doesn?t disrupt the class or have and outburst they will get a check if the student obtains 10 then they get to do something of their chose like read for 15 minutes or have 10 minutes computer time. After a period of time like two months or every semester/quarter I would evaluate the plans and goals that I have set. I would ask myself is this effective for the student? Have I seen an emotional change and if not I might have to reevaluate what is working and what is not. Overall with positive replacement behaviors you want to make sure they are obtainable for the student to achieve. With great planning and getting to know the student it can happen. Reference John Wheeler & Dean Richey. (2010).Behavior management. Retrieved from http// Butler A. (2010). Behavior modification through positive reinforcement. Retrieved from Smith D. D. (2007). Emotional or behavioral disorders defined. Retrieved from”

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