My Night of Jazz Before I arrived at the R

My Night of Jazz Before I arrived at the Regatta Bar, I had no idea what to expect. To be completely honest, I was a bit hesitant going out on the town to listen to jazz. It’s true that we listen to jazz every Monday and Wednesday in class, but the thought of sitting around jazz enthusiasts was intimidating. I felt like I wouldn’t belong, as if I wasn’t going to be qualified enough to be in their presence. However, everything changed after I stepped over the threshold to the Regatta. I quickly realized that it has nothing to do with being qualified or even experienced enough to listen to jazz. It does however, have to do with being appreciative of the type of music that you’re listening to, one that is required for listening to any type of music. I wasn’t even aware that I possessed appreciation for any type of music outside my CD collection. The atmosphere within the Regatta Bar was one that put any fears that I had at ease. The bar was located upstairs in the Charles Hotel, located in Cambridge. There were round tables set up everywhere, some of which looked out over Harvard Square through a large glass window. The only lighting came from the floor stage where the band played. The band, “The Charlie Kolohase Quintet”, consisted of five members. They performed a number of songs, many of which I really enjoyed. The group played a song titled, “Pig Pile”, with what I believe to be a muted trumpet slowly playing the lead. The drums soon joined in accompanied by the symbols. The tempo seemed to turn moderate when the bass and the saxophone played, and even faster when the soprano sax and the trumpet played together. The music sounded like it was all over the place while maintaining a consistent pattern. The band also performed a song titled, “To her Ladyships”, which was originally done by Billy Frasier of the Dizzie Galespi Big Band. It sounded like the song had a meter of four and a tempo t…

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