My virtual Child

My virtual ChildHi, Before you going to the assessment , you must complete a task from my virtual child . You need to raise a child to 18 years old.Go towwvv.myvirtualchild.comLog in: lollipop1130 password:karenlee1130Assessment taskThis assessment relates to course topics 1 to 6 andassesses your ability to actively participate on the Myvirtual child website and answerthe associated age related questions. The weeklytopics require you to think about and discuss issues relating to the role ofa Paediatric Nurse caring for infants, children and youngpeople across different contexts of practice. It will also enable you to use the knowledge learnt about child development, cultural andsocial norms and health and safety to grow your Myvirtual Child from birth to 18 years of age.-Complete growing your child on theMy virtual Child website. Complete the age-associated questions at each developmental point. These are the questions you will need to provideanswers for to complete this assessment.-You will be required to complete Myfirtual Child on line. A report will be generated at thecompletion ofweek 8 that notifys the tutors ofthe students who have not engaged and completed the online content. If your name appears onthis list, you will recieve a F1 forthis assignment.-Download the template ofthe Myfirtual Child weekly topics with the attachedfeedback sheet from the Assessment 2 folder on the learnonline site forthis course.-Using the template, answerthe age related questionsthat you would have found after you completed an age range on the Myfirual child website.The questions can be found afterthe following ageranges-8 months-19 months-2 years and 6 months-3 years and 11 months-8 years and 11 months-10 years and 11 months-12years and 11 months-15 years-16 years and 11 months-18 years and 1 monthYou must support your answers by in text referencing andusing appropriate resources from both the course and your own research. Research articles used must be 2006 and above.A completereference list will need to be attached to the end of your assessment template.-Submit your completed template after attaching thefeedback sheet via GradebookMy firtual Child Assessment Templatep/s: if you dont really know what to doplease simply log in to mystudent pageGo to in: leecy113password:Karenlee1130!

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