Mystic Monk Coffee

Mystic Monk CoffeePaper instructions: You are to undertake the assigned course reading, case study information provided in your text, and any additional research to help you answer the questions provided for each case. You are expected to write in clear, complete sentences with proper attention to detail with regard to format, spelling, punctuation, and use of class and outside sources to support your answers.Case: Mystic Monk CoffeeThe Carmelite Monks of Wyoming have established the New Mount Carmel Foundation, Inc. to develop funds needed to achieve Father Daniel Mary?s vision to recreate Mount Carmel in the U.S. Rocky Mountains. The foundation developed funds necessary to acquire a 2,500 acre ranch located in Meeteetse, Wyoming for the site of the monastery. News updates can be found at the foundation web site, www.newmountcarmelfoundation.orgMystic Monk Coffee has added several new blends and coffee accessories at its Web site since the close of the case. You can visit to see the monastery?s latest coffee offerings.Assignment Questions1. Has Father Daniel Mary established a future direction for the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming? What is his vision for the monastery? What is his vision for Mystic Monk Coffee? What is the mission of the Carmelite Monks of Wyoming?2. Does it appear that Father Daniel Mary has set definite objectives and performance targets for achieving his vision?What is Father Prior?s strategy for achieving his vision? What competitive advantage might Mystic Monk Coffee?s strategy produce?4. Is Mystic Monk Coffee?s strategy a money-maker? What is MMC?s business model? What is your assessment of Mystic Monk Coffee?s customer value proposition? its profit formula?5. Does the strategy qualify as a winning strategy? Why or why not?6. What recommendations would you make to Father Daniel Mary in terms of crafting and executing strategy for the monastery?s coffee operations? Are changed needed in its long-term direction? its objectives? its strategy? its approach to strategy execution? Explain.PLACE THIS ORDER OR A SIMILAR ORDER WITH US TODAY AND GET AN AMAZING DISCOUNT :

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