Nailing the Title Page for Research Papers

The Title Page for research papers acts as a covering letter for the student?s paper. In the student essentially details who he is, and what the reader is to expect in his research. The format of the Title Page for research papers varies according to the student?s discipline, as well as his institution or professor?s preference. Two of the most popular academic formats, for example, the APA and MLA, differ widely in their requirements for the Title Page for research papers. While the APA expressly demands and clearly provides for it to be included in a specific format, the MLA style actually does not demand one. This however, does not mean that the student should not provide a Title Page for research papers, as a mark of professionalism. Indeed, he should always assume that he is required to produce a Title Page for research papers, as it produces a good impression, and adds to the research paper?s neat presentation. Still, it is important that students determine exactly what is required of them, before they proceed.While composing his Title Page for research papers, the student is well advised to consult a selection of research papers, preferably in the same field of study, so as to get a good idea of what his final Title Page for research papers should look like. Though he may easily obtain samples online, if the samples he consults are old papers from the same college and discipline, he is even more likely to succeed in creating the perfect Title Page for research papers, as the format required will probably be the same. Generally, the Title Page for research papers will clearly contain the following specific elements, centered or otherwise aligned, and separated by double-spaced lines:? the student?s name? the student?s supervisor?s name? the student?s course title? the date at which the work was completedThe APA Title Page for Research PapersThe APA style is extremely popular with college professors in a wide range of disciplines. The Title Page for research papers in the Chicago style greatly resembles the APA style, the main difference being that there is a requirement that one-inch margins be set on all sides. Another difference between the two is that the Chicago style prefers an alignment to the left, while the APA favors a centered alignment, for title pages. The APA format for the Title Page for research papers is therefore set out below for a quick review.? Like the rest of the research document, the Title Page for research papers should typically include a header and a page number, both set at the upper right corner of the page.? The title of the research work should be clearly placed either in the middle of the Title Page for research papers, or to the left.? The student?s course title and college name should follow the title on the Title Page for research papers, and in turn be followed by the date of the paper?s submission. These will be centered towards the bottom of the page.Category: Research Paper

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