National culture self-awareness my national culture is Saudi Arabia

National culture self-awareness my national culture is Saudi ArabiaResearch and reflect on Saudi Arabia cultural values and how these have influenced your ownattitudes, beliefs, and behaviours. This requires you to look at your culture and yourself throughthe eyes of an outsider. For instance, if managers from a foreign country were observing yourculture for the first time, what would they notice?Deliverable: Prepare a written overview that addresses, at a minimum, the following:1- Research and briefly describe dominant cultural values in Saudi Arabia. Provide concreteevidence from both (a) academic literature, and (b) your experiences or observations, to supportthis (e.g. if you believe that your culture is predominantly high in uncertainty avoidance, (a) brieflydescribe academic research that supports this, and (b) give tangible examples from your own lifeexperiences or observations that would support this conclusion. This could include media reportsor personal anecdotes);2- Identify stereotypes that people from other cultures hold about your culture. Where possible, try to explain these. This may involve speaking with people from other cultures;3- Identify ways in which your culture exhibits ethnocentrism or parochialism;4- Identify and try to explain any apparent cultural paradoxes (e.g. institutions or norms whichappear to contradict the dominant cultural values); and5- Reflect on how your upbringing within this culture has shaped your own beliefs, attitudes and behaviours, and what impact this has on your role as a manager. For instance, to what extent do you represent the ?cultural norm? in your country, and what might this mean for you as a cross-cultural manager?!

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