National risk register / Cabinet office

This assignment is designed to test the following learning outcomes as well as your skills the material explainedin the classroom:1. Employ a range of qualitative and quantitative methods for application to risk assessment4. Assess relevant documents and communicate the essential and important pointsYou will find on eLearn a document (also available on the internet):National risk registerThis assessment is a poster presentation (A2-size = equivalent to 4 pages of A4) based upon your analysis of thatdocument.You must give a critical appraisal/ evaluation of this report.This does NOT simply mean a summary of what is in the report. A critique usually means constructive comments aswell as finding issues with the work (pros and cons) supported by argument.1) What was risk assessed and how were risks quantified/qualified2) What were the main results3) What will be different in practice in response to the risk assessmentIMPORTANT: You are demonstrating your CRITICAL skills in this assignment. You must identify the salient issuesin the report and produce a visually appealing presentation that could be displayed. If you simply cut-and-pasteor drop into monochrome bullet points, then you will not get the higher marks.

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